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Droogies, boozers, strumpets, losers and magic nose goblin abusers, just a few quick words to let you know what’s been happening at Krush Kottage, deep in the Shire, during the last few months.
Firstly, way back at the end of June I had Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, aka Boots Electric and a crew of reprobates from invade my reclusive lifestyle wanting to film me for their ‘On The Road’ series.

Jesse hughes & krusher Joule

Shooting the Marshall Headphones film at Krushers

It was a beautiful afternoon and we spent several hours together shooting the breeze about my Ozzy/Black Sabbath connections.
The next day I joined them on their journey to the legendary Rockfield Studios in South Wales to meet Kingsley Ward, the man who had the vision to build a studio in the middle of the country almost 50 years ago, and hear tales of how Sabbath, Robert Plant and Queen had all recorded there over the years, and I actually got to play the grand piano that Freddie Mercury tinkled on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, pure rock ‘n’ roll magic!
You can see the finished item by clicking this
July had me start the process of doing a limited edition print of my olde hero Keef Richards.
It was a picture that I’d designed way back in the early 70’s when the Stones released ‘Exile On Main Street’, an album that I still put in my top 5 great rock albums of all time.

Kieth Richards
I was particularly inspired by one track entitled ‘Happy’ that Keef did the lead vocals on, the design for the ‘HAPPY KEEF!’ poster was the result and at the end of August I had 250 prints ready to go on sale!!
I also thought it would be a nice way of celebrating 50 years of the Rolling Stones!!
Posters are available here
I’m hoping that my next limited edition poster will be a variation of my Black Sabbath ‘Born Again’ cover, which will be out next year to celebrate 30 years since it was originally released!!
Now I’m living in the middle of nowhere I rarely get out to gigs, but I have travelled out to Wolverhampton and Birmingham for the odd show.

A couple that stand out were Thin Lizzy and The Denim & Leather Festival. I also went to see founding Mott The Hoople member Verden Allen’s new band Soft Ground at one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever been to, a place called Lyde Arundel, just outside Hereford, where I bumped into my old Hereford College Of Art buddy Martin Chambers who now plays with some band called The Pretenders, a bloody splendid evening!!


Krusher and Verden Allen

I must also mention my visit to the magnificent Bloodstock Festival where I was privileged to walk on stage and introduce Crowbar.

Krusher jules

Krusher Introducing Crowbar at Bloodstock

More recently I went to see down, Orange Goblin and Warbeast at the HMV Institute in Brum. WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Not only did I see three amazing bands but after the show I was invited into Mr Anselmo’s lair to listen to his forthcoming solo album!!
Not only did he play me the whole album but he sang it to me as well!!! A truly unbelievable experience. I can’t say too much about the album, but I will tell you that Philip has raised the bar as far as intensity goes, track after track of unforgiving brutality, no let up, no respite, a whole new level of free form power!!! A MASTERPIECE!!!!
Well that’s about it, I’m off now to do a bit of rose pruning in the garden.

Krusher joule